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Siding, Decks, Fences, Pergolas, and Gazebos

A fresh coat of stain is a great way to breathe new life into your siding, decks, fences, pergolas, and gazebos. Altona Painting is one of the few companies in Durham Region that specializes in exterior staining. We work with customers to help select the right type of stain, colour, and prep work to ensure the best quality and amazing finished project.

Stain Types
Protect your staining project from our harsh Canadian climate with a properly selected and applied exterior stain. Exterior stains are specially designed to protect against the weather and the sun's damaging UV rays.  

There are a number of exterior stain types.  We recommend selecting one of the following: 

  • Semi-transparent stains allow you to see the grain of the wood whilst having a bit of a tint to it. 

  • Solid stains share both stain and paint-like properties in terms of function and aesthetic. 

Site Prep
We will examine surfaces for cleaning, sanding, and light damage repair.
Tarps will be used where needed to protect landscaping and other areas.

Pressure Washing and Power Sanding
Pressure washing and power sanding are the dynamic duos when it comes to preparing a deck for staining. Pressure washing is a fast and effective method for removing dirt, mold, and mildew from the deck. 

When the deck is dried up after the pressure wash, we thoroughly power sand to smooth the surface and to open up the pores of the wood to receive the stain for maximum adhesion.

ASK US: We also power wash patios and other miscellaneous items upon request!


Finished Painting Inspection

Before the job is officially completed you will be walked through the project with our manager to inspect the finished work and ask any questions or point out any deficiencies. These will all be addressed and finished accordingly.


Job Site Cleanup

At the end of the project, we vacuum up all paint chips, sweep, and clear out our tools. Our goal is to make it look like we never came and left!


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We pride ourselves on providing fast, detailed, and competitive paint quotes. Use the quote process to ask all your painting questions and get advice from experienced professionals. 


"Our detailed quotes include all of your expectations, and then some. Our goal is to leave you in awe, and to make it look like we never came and left!"


- Michael Cappa, Owner at Altona Painting