Painting To Sell


Why Should You Paint Before Selling?

Whether you are a realtor or a homeowner, having a home professionally painted before selling is one of the best things you can do to increase its value and get the greatest return on your investment!








A fresh coat of paint really ties everything together and leaves a very positive and lasting first impression with potential buyers.

Neutralizing "dated" or "bold" colour choices, addressing water/smoke damage, repairing imperfections, and refreshing tired-looking finishes are critical because a turnkey "move-in ready" home will likely sell faster and sell for more!











When Listing:

We completely understand that there are several other moving parts such as:

  • De-cluttering

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Moving

  • Changing out Plumbing and Lighting Fixtures

  • Changing out Flooring

  • Landscaping & Possibly Fixing Uneven Patios/Walkways

  • Other Misc. Renovations

  • Staging & Design

  • Photography

  • Advertising the Listing

  • And so on...!



















When painting to sell, we strive to achieve a high-quality of work in the most cost effective manner. We are very solution-oriented and will do what is feasible based on the required scope of work and allotted budget.


When painting a home for sale, we generally:

  • Repair/patch small holes, nicks, and dings (and do other major drywall repair if needed), then touch-up

  • Oil/Shellac prime any nicotine or water damage

  • Remove dated wallpaper (if applicable). See "Wallpaper Removal" page here

  • Update/Neutralize the wall colours

  • Paint the ceilings & trim/doors if needed (and based on the client's budget)

Best Colours for Updating

When updating colours, the goal is to “de-personalize the home” and make it as neutral as possible.


Popular colours are greys, greiges (grey and beige), or standard off-whites that will allow your buyers to picture the house with their belongings and decor. Lighter colours add brightness to the rooms and can make them appear more spacious! See a list of Benjamin Moore's most popular greiges here.


It is critical to mention that one should aim for choosing a colour that will almost definitely cover in two coats. The lighter you go, the higher the cost will be due to extra labour and paint required to do more coats (i.e. white or off-white is always guaranteed to need 3-4 coats depending on the colour you are trying to cover).


House Exterior

When was the last time you checked your home’s curb appeal? The curb appeal of a home is very important and will make a lasting first and impression on your prospective buyer. Make sure it's as positive as possible!

Remember, you want your home or listing to sell for maximum value as quickly as possible in a competitive market. A quality painted and staged listing will stand out from the crowd and generate more competing offers.

Altona Painting has been a leading painting company in the East GTA and Durham Region for nearly five years. We have worked closely with property owners, stagers, designers, and realtors in all stages of a home sale.

So if you are listing or are planning to sell, and are looking for a highly rated and quality professional painting company: call or text us directly for a FREE estimate!

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