Dulux - Paint Colour Visualizer 


How to Use Dulux - Paint Colour Visualizer

Choosing a new colour for your home can be hard. But Dulux Paint Colour Visualizer helps to make it easy to find the right colours for your home. 

Use the virtual online Paint Colour Visualizer to try and test new colours for your painting project.  It's easy to use with room pictures you upload from your laptop, phone, or tablet. Play around with new colours to narrow down your choices and to "What if...." something crazy.


Click to visit: www.dulux.ca/diy/colour/paint-colour-visualizer


Paint Colour Section

Use the ColorSnap Visualizer to help choose a colour for your painting project. Upload pictures from your home, and choose different colours. Share your favourites with friends and family for feedback. 


Some Colour Selection Tips 

  • How will new colours work with your current furniture?

  • Are you moving soon as neutral colours sell homes faster

  • Budget for more paint required for bright colours.



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