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How We Remove Old Wallpaper The Right Way

Wallpaper removal projects are some of our most rewarding jobs as we help you bring your walls out of the 1980s and 90s.


The dramatic difference in a room after the wallpaper has been removed and walls painted is always worth the extra work!


Our team has the experience and the expertise to take down old wallpaper and leave your walls smooth, beautiful, and ready to show off.

The Altona Wallpaper Removal Method

Altona Painting has developed a very effective process for removing old wallpaper and preparing walls for new paint.  


Step 1: Two-Step Steaming
Steaming off the wallpaper is the most effective method of removal. It's always a two-step process that involves first steaming off the paper layer for easier removal and scraping.  


After the paper layer has been removed we steam again and concentrate on removing the glue layer.


Step 2: Wall Sanding
After the steaming and scraping have been completed, the next step is to completely sand the walls and remove small remaining glue and paper pieces that might still be remaining.


Step 3: Wall Repair
Small scratches, nicks, dents, nail-pops, holes, and any drywall tape failures are all carefully repaired and sanded again.


Step 4: Oil Primer Coat
We oil prime the fully-repaired walls to seal in any wallpaper glue that streaked down the walls while steaming it off, as well as to prepare the walls for new paint!


Step 5: Final Coats of  Paint
Now that the walls have been repaired and primed we can apply the final coats of paint.  


Wallpaper removal projects involve a few extra steps, but the completed results are worth the effort as the difference between before and after is amazing.

*NOTE: for this service we give you a set price to prime and paint the room. However, the removal and repair process is ALWAYS variable and must be charged by the hour. Generally speaking, expect a room to take at least 1-2 days for just wallpaper removal and wall repair.

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